At Midstate CreditCollect our staff are highly trained with many years of experience in the debt collection industry. Our staff are up to date with the latest privacy legislation requirements and are experts in conflict resolution.

A debt collection agency’s primary function is to debt collection. We perform the functions all day, every day, whereas many solicitors perform the role only on an adhoc basis.

Midstate CreditCollect are experts in debt collection and are structured to provide the services efficiently and cost-effectively.

This will vary for each business and will depend greatly on their internal procedures, however, it is a proven fact that the earlier the account is referred the better the odds of getting the debt paid.
It is important to provide as much information as possible to your agency when referring your accounts. Copies of invoices, credit applications, contracts, etc., will give your collection agency the best possible chance of collecting your outstanding debts.
Pricing can vary depending on a number of factors; the size of the debt, the age of the debt, the number of debts referred, etc. Generally Midstate CreditCollect will charge a small listing fee per account and then a commission based charge which is only payable on successful collection of your debt.
Yes, so long as you have a signed credit application with terms and conditions stating that these costs can be added to overdue accounts.


Midstate Credit Management Services business philosophy is to provide outstanding customer service using the most efficient and effective credit management systems possible.

To achieve our goals we are committed to:

  • Always maintaining our clients’ interests as our highest priority.
  • Being totally professional and ethical in all our business dealings.
  • Giving genuine value and quality in respect of the services used by our clients and thus retain their continued business goodwill.
  • Providing on-going and innovative training for our staff to created skilled positions in a long serving and rewarding work environmen.
  • Linking the best available technology with our staffs’ extensive industry experience to provide our clients with credit/collection services second to none.
  • Continually searching for areas of improvement by regularly reviewing our operational and system processes.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest technological developments that would be applicable for our industry.


If you have any questions not covered in our FAQ’s or for any general inquiries please use the contact form provided or call us anytime during business hours.


Traralgon Office

31 Grey Street
P.O. Box 1455
Traralgon 3844
Victoria, Australia.

Phone: 1300 551 055
Fax: 05 5174 7088

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