This boutique agency focuses on building debt collection systems and processes for clients seeking to preserve their brand and reputation. Sensitive case management of debt files, utilising both cutting edge technology and a strong, experienced human resources team to maximize client results whilst substantially reducing debtor complaints. MCC has the unique advantage of being an agile and innovative company with the collective support and resources of one of the largest collection agencies in Australia; Collection House.


MCC was awarded Supplier of the Year in 2014 by Procurement Australia

– the first time that a debt collector has been awarded this honour. The winning of this award is based on votes by Local Government clients of Procurement Australia.

What makes MCC different in the marketplace:

1. Our Exceptional Team and Unique Culture

We boast a near zero staff turnover. This solid base provides an unparalleled level of service to our clients and their customers. Our debt collection specialists are dedicated to their division, and have an intimate knowledge of their clients’ requirements and expectations. We invest heavily in our recruitment process to ensure we get the right caliber of personnel. We also dedicate time and resources to training and performance management using the 3 R principles of Recognition, Reward and Retention. Fostering this culture of professional development within a fun and enjoyable workplace ensures that we are always an employer of choice.

2. Dynamic Growth & Proven Track Record

MCC has a proven track record spanning 28 years in collections for Local Government and the Water Industry. Currently providing recovery services to 35 of the state’s 79 Victorian councils and more than half of the state’s water industry. We also supply debt collection services to a large number of national telecommunications companies, power and gas suppliers including our Sydney based clients, Optus and Virgin Mobile. MCC has experienced exceptional growth of over 20% each year for the past 4 years. The continued growth is made possible by our commitment to hiring and leading the best people, partnering with clients to provide modern, flexible collection solution and utilising the latest technology to achieve above average results in a cost effective way. MCC was awarded Procurement Australia – Supplier of the Year 2014.

3. Strong Client Relationships

Our tailored and personal approach differentiates us from our larger national competitors. We are proud of the fact that we have built and maintained our major client base since our inception, especially given the high level of “client churn” in our industry. Working closely with our clients allows us to understand their business, and build a customised and flexible solution to their collections objectives. By consistently testing and measuring results and evaluating changing market conditions across our full client base, we can continuously provide valuable feedback and suggest process changes to maximise results.

4. Social Responsibility

The debt collection industry is constantly facing new challenges. We aim to be seen as the leader in the industry for “case sensitive” credit management with a strong emphasis on both our own and our client’s brand and reputation. This changing environment has seen a greater emphasis on effectively identifying hardship and managing those specific customers who may be experiencing financial hardship. MCC is also very conscious of the need to be a good corporate citizen as seen through the support we provide to local charities and events.

5. Non-call centre approach

We recognise that one credit management solution does not fit all. Each client is different and requires its own unique collection process. This means we tailor our telephone conversations, letters, timeframes and reporting according to our client’s requirements. We do not use dialler technology and we do not refer work offshore or through sub-contracted agents. And our extremely low staff turnover means clients can build a successful rapport with their case manager. This dedication to our clients has resulted in excellent collection rates and a high level of client satisfaction.